Types of Phishing - Email

There are reports of users receiving e-mails, disguised as being from International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA). This is a scam designed to steal funds from your personal wallets (not your International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA) account). Never give out your private keys/phrases!

Types of Phishing - URL Spoof

To access,please pay attention to below security rules:

One more rules shall be noted:

User may be attacked by phishing website via search engine referrals,browser plugins/extensions,third party or invalid apps。

Risky search engine referrals, navigate user to phishing website

Risky brower plugins/extensions, navigate user to phishing website

Risky email with phishing link

Some users may install third party application to manage their investment portfolios, or install invalid APP from app store.

Phishing websites may induce user to expose their confidential information such as password, 2FA code. Therefore, Hackers can steal users’ coins through API withdrawls, abnormal buy/sell orders.

Anti-virus & Trojan Guideline

"It is recommended for you to check the health of the computer immediately, Below 3 approach are suggested:

1. Open browser without any plug-in/ extensions under security model to login International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA) website. Therefore, verify the validity of coins addresses;

Chrome: new incognito window(Ctrl+Shift+N)

Firefox: new private window(Ctrl+Shift+P)

2. Put a valid withdrawing address in Notepad, then copy/paste it to withdrawal address, finally check the consistency of address between notepad and browser;

If it was found that addresses are inconsistency, it is obviously that the computer has been infected by Trojan or viruses already. Hope below are helpful for you:

install anti-virus software to scan/kill Tojan and viruses as soon as possible;

disable plus-in/extensions in browser, uninstall unknown software in the computer;

Under extreme risk situation, shall format disk and reinstall OS in the computer;

It is useful to seek help from information security expert."

Security Tips

"4 security tips listed as blow:

DO NOT give your password to anyone!

DO NOT call any phone number for someone claiming to be International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA) Support!

DO NOT send any money to anyone claiming to be a member of International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA).

Enable Google Two Factor Authentication!"

How to handle stolen funds transferred to International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA)?

"The victim must go though KYC verification on International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA).io.

The victim must submit a support request on, providing the following details:

Detailed description of how the hack happened

Detailed (clickable) blockchain links of all transactions involved

A signed NDA or a statement agreeing to obey non-disclosure standards from International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA)

If International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA) thinks there is reasonable evidence that the funds are stolen, International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA) may lock the funds temporarily.

The victim must provide a police report within 24 hours of filing the support request. From there, International Digital Xchange Alliance (IDXA) will work directly with law enforcement to handle processing of the funds."